Talking to one of the natives I met during a holiday in the Austrian Tyrol 2 years ago which is more interesting, I think, than me alone.

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North Yorkshire

After I retired from the RAF in 1984 we settled in Ripon, North Yorkshire near where I was born. I took a part-time job for a few years with a specialist plant nursery which grew things for sale at what was is now the garden of the Royal Horticultural Society in Harrogate. In that period I learned a great deal about botany and created my own garden from scratch round my new home. The garden now contains many unusual plants and shrubs (and a 70ft Wellingtonia) but in 2010, as age takes its toll, it now absorbs most of my energies.

I still get much enjoyment from my computers and particularly from the camaraderie connected with Acorn machines that I have been using since the Atom I built in 1978.