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South Yorkshire

I've always been interested in nature and from being quite small could identify (and still can, when I'm not having a Senior Moment) most of the commoner flora and fauna. It was the opportunities offered by digital photography that started me looking a lot closer at the stuff I would otherwise not see as I walked. I've been amassing and collating plant details for about four years now (over 350 images). Most I can recognise from books and on-line sources such as WFF. Where I can't make a match, I consult WAB and always get a quick and informative response.

I like walking but I'd prefer to travel somewhat faster, on two wheels. I used to ride a bike in the 60s and returned to biking about 8 years ago, since when I've covered about 40,000 miles, mainly on the Pennines/Derbyshire lanes. The only downside is spotting something interesting out of the corner of my eye and being unable to stop and investigate.

I don't have a website. I'm an active reader of/sometime contributor to various web blogs, including political, climate issues, motorcycles, computer issues and, of course, WAB.