I am standing on the top of Pole Steeple which is a large rock outcrop on the South Mountain overlooking the Michaux State Forest.

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Pennsylvania, USA

I was born and raised in a beautiful valley in South Central Pennsylvania. At that time it was rural and the hills were covered with many flowering trees and the ground burst forth with beautiful wild flowers each spring. The hills and the woods were my home and I spent most of my time outside in winter and summer. I graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1958 with a degree in Forestry but only worked directly in Forestry for a few years before working in related fields.

Photography was always a hobby for me. In 1945, I took a picture of Spring Wood Park that hangs in the museum of the Maryland and Pennsylvania RR. Nature photography is my love and many of my pictures have been use on brochures and reports for many state and public publications. I show my work and have received many awards for photographic excellence.