(R  RR  RRR  E)
Bedstraw (Limestone)
Bellflower (Ivy-Leaved)
Bird's-Nest (Yellow)
Broomrape (Ivy)
Broomrape (Knapweed)
Chickweed (Upright)
Clover (Bird's-Foot)
Clover (Rough)
Clover (Subterranean)
Cornel (Dwarf)
Cornsalad (Narrow-Fruited)
Cress (Shepherd's)
Evening-Primrose (Intermediate)
Flat-Sedge (Saltmarsh)
Foxtail (Orange)
Garlic (Field)
Glasswort (Long-Spiked)
Glasswort (Purple)
Hemp-Nettle (Red)
Horehound (White)
Kale (Sea)
Knotgrass (Ray's)
Hellebore (Green)
Helleborine (Narrow-Lipped)
Helleborine (Violet)
Helleborine (White)
Horsetail (Rough)
Horsetail (Variegated)
Lady's-Tresses (Autumn)
Mallow (Tree)
Milk-Vetch (Purple)
Milkwort (Chalk)
Mullein (Twiggy)
Orchid (Bog)
Orchid (Small-White)
Parsley (Fool's) [ssp.agrestis]
Poppy (Prickly)
Rosemary (Bog)
Saxifrage (Purple)
Sea-Lavender (Lax-Flowered)
Spurge (Broad-Leaved)
Spurge (Portland)
Star-of-Bethlehem (Yellow)
Stitchwort (Marsh)
Stock (Sea)
Stork's-bill (Musk)
Squill (Spring)
Water-Dropwort (Corky-Fruited)
Waterwort (Six-Stamened)
Whitlowgrass (Hoary)

Allseed (Four-Leaved)
Avens (Mountain)
Balm (Bastard)
Beard-Grass (Annual)
Bindweed (Copse)
Broomrape (Greater)
Broomrape (Thyme)
Broomrape (Yarrow)
Buckler-Fern (Rigid)
Bugle (Pyramidal)
Butterwort (Great)
Cabbage (Isle of Man)
Cabbage (Wild)
Candytuft (Wild)
Carrot (Sea)
Catchfly (Nottingham)
Centaury (Seaside)
Cinquefoil (Spring)
Clubmoss (Marsh)
Clover (Clustered)
Clover (Sea)
Clover (Suffocated)
Orchid (Coralroot)
Cornsalad (Broad-Fruited)
Cudweed (Broad-Leaved)
Cudweed (Cape)
Cudweed (Highland)
Cudweed (Red-Tipped)
Currant (Mountain)
Fern (Maidenhair)
Flax (Perennial)
Gentian (Chiltern)
Gentian (Marsh)
Gentian (Spring)
Gentian (Willow)
Glasswort (Yellow)
Heath (Sea)
Hedge-Parsley (Spreading)
Helleborine (Dark-Red)
Hellebore (Stinking)
Lady's-Tresses (Creeping)
Lady's-Tresses (Irish)
Lords-and-Ladies (Rare)
Lucerne (Sand)
Moor-Grass (Blue)
Mouse-Ear (Arctic)
Mullein (White)
Mustard (Tower)
Orache (Long-Stalked)
Orchid (Burnt-Tip)
Orchid (Lady)
Orchid (Lizard)
Orchid (Man)
Orchid (Musk)
Pasque Flower
Pimpernel (Blue)
Primrose (Bird's-eye)
Primrose (Scottish)
Rampion (Round-Headed)
Ramping-Fumitory (Western)
Robin (Little)
Rock-Cress (Northern)
Saltmarsh-Grass (Borrer's)
Sandwort (Spring)
Scurvygrass (Pyrenean)
Sea-Blite (Shrubby)
Sedge (Curved)
Sedge (Divided)
Sedge (Dwarf)
Sedge (Hair)
Service Tree (Bastard)
St John's-Wort (Imperforate)
Solomon's-Seal (Angular)
Speedwell (Spiked)
Spider-Orchid (Early)
Spurge (Upright)
Squill (Autumn)
Stonecrop (Mossy)
Stonecrop (Rock)
Stork's-bill (Sticky)
Toadflax (Bastard)
Vetchling (Yellow)
Water-Lily (Fringed)
Willow (Dwarf)
Wintergreen (Round-Leaved)

Bartsia (Alpine)
Broomrape (Oxtongue)
Cabbage (Isle of Man)
Calamint (Wood)
Carrot (Moon)
Catchfly (Alpine)
Centaury (Slender)
Clubmoss (Fir)
Cornsalad (Hairy-Fruited)
Cotoneaster (Welsh)
Cow-Wheat (Field)
Cudweed (Jersey)
Eryngo (Field)
Fleawort (Field) [ssp. maritima]
Fleabane (Small)
Fir (Flaky)
Gentian (Koch's)
Gladiolus (Wild)
Gromwell (Purple)
Hawkweed (Bald-Leaved)
Hawkweed (Confused)
Hawkweed (Marigold)
Hawkweed (Purple-Flushed)
Hawkweed (Remarkable)
Hawkweed (Shaggy)
Hawkweed (Splendid)
Hawkweed (Valuable)
Heath (Cornish)
Heath (Dorset)
Helleborine (Dune)
Helleborine (Red)
Hieracium alpinum
Hieracium deargicola
Hieracium einichense
Hieracium eximium
Hieracium graniticola
Hieracium grovesii
Hieracium macrocarpum
Hieracium molybdochroum
Hieracium pentaploideum
Hound's-Tongue (Green)
Hyacinth (Grape)
Leek (Round-Headed)
Milkwort (Dwarf)
Orchid (Lady's-Slipper)
Orchid (Military)
Orchid (Monkey)
Pansy (Dwarf)
Pine (Ground)
Ramping-Fumitory (Martin's)
Rock-Rose (White)
Rupturewort (Smooth)
Sea-Lavender (Western)
Sedge (Prickly)
St John's-Wort (Imperforate)
Water-Pepper (Least)
Whitlowgrass (Yellow)
Wintergreen (One-Flowered)
Wormwood (Dune)
Woundwort (Downy)

Nettle (Roman)

Lamb's Succory
(Arnoseris minima)
Interrupted Brome
(Bromus interruptus)
Sickle-leaved Hare's-ear
(Bupleurum falcatum)
Round-leaved Thorow-wax
(Bupleurum rotundifolium)
(Camelina sativa)
Davall's Sedge
(Carex davalliana)
Three-nerved Sedge
(Carex trinervis)
Stinking Hawk's-beard
(Crepis foetida)
Alpine Bladder-fern
(Cystopteris alpina)
Scaly Buckler-fern
(Dryopteris remota)
Purple Spurge
(Euphorbia peplis)
Downy Hemp-nettle
(Galeopsis segetum)
Jagged Chickweed
(Holosteum umbellatum)
Common Broomrape
(Orobanche minor ssp. maritima var. hypochaeridis)
Alpine Butterwort
(Pinguicula alpina)
Arctic Bramble
(Rubus arcticus)
Sharp Club-rush
(Schoenoplectus pungens)
Summer Lady's-tresses
(Spiranthes aestivalis)
Marsh Fleawort
(Tephroseris palustris ssp. congesta)
Cotton Deergrass
(Trichophorum alpinum)

Here follows a list, courtesy of Adam Lucas, of all the extinct, [E], rare [RRR], scarce [RR] and uncommon [R] plants which lack flower pages on this website - only the names in blue will respond to select clicks. Your Author needs to regularly check if flowers that are already present on the website also belong in any of the E, RRR, RR or R categories or any new flowers he puts on the website are also in this list, and if so, to move the relevant link from this following list up into the correct category above E, RRR, RR or R and add the 'a href=' things to make the link actually work!
Here follows a list, courtesy of Adam Lucas, of all the extinct, [E] plants
Lamb's Succory
(Arnoseris minima)
Interrupted Brome
(Bromus interruptus)
Sickle-leaved Hare's-ear
(Bupleurum falcatum)
Round-leaved Thorow-wax
(Bupleurum rotundifolium)
(Camelina sativa)
Davall's Sedge
(Carex davalliana)
Three-nerved Sedge
(Carex trinervis)
Stinking Hawk's-beard
(Crepis foetida)
Alpine Bladder-fern
(Cystopteris alpina)
Scaly Buckler-fern
(Dryopteris remota)
Purple Spurge
(Euphorbia peplis)
Downy Hemp-nettle
(Galeopsis segetum)
Jagged Chickweed
(Holosteum umbellatum)
Common Broomrape
(Orobanche minor ssp. maritima var. hypochaeridis)
Alpine Butterwort
(Pinguicula alpina)
Arctic Bramble
(Rubus arcticus)
Sharp Club-rush
(Schoenoplectus pungens)
Summer Lady's-tresses
(Spiranthes aestivalis)
Marsh Fleawort
(Tephroseris palustris ssp. congesta)
Cotton Deergrass
(Trichophorum alpinum)

Here follows a list, courtesy of Adam Lucas, of all the rare, [RRR] plants
(Achillea maritima)
Ground Pine
(Ajuga chamaepitys)
Starry Lady's-mantle
(Alchemilla acutiloba)
Shining Lady's-mantle
(Alchemilla micans)
Least Lady's-mantle
(Alchemilla minima)
Velvet Lady's-mantle
(Alchemilla monticola)
Large-toothed Lady's-mantle
(Alchemilla subcrenata)
Wild Leek
(Allium ampeloprasum var. bulbiferum)
Round-Headed Leek
(Allium sphaerocephalon)
Ribbon-leaved Water-plantain
(Alisma gramineum)
Jersey Fern
(Anogramma leptophylla)
Kidney Vetch
(Anthyllis vulneraria ssp. corbierei)
Creeping Marshwort
(Apium repens)
Alpine Rock-cress
(Arabis alpina)
Bristol Rock-cress
(Arabis scabra)
Strawberry Tree
(Arbutus unedo)
Fringed Sandwort
(Arenaria ciliata ssp. hibernica)
English Sandwort
(Arenaria norvegica ssp. anglica)
Arctic Sandwort
(Arenaria norvegica ssp. norvegica)
Jersey Thrift
(Armeria arenaria)
Common Thrift
(Armeria maritima ssp. elongata)
Field Wormwood
(Artemisia campestris ssp. campestris)
Dune Wormwood
(Artemisia campestris ssp. maritima)
Norwegian Mugwort
(Artemisia norvegica)
Confluent Spleenwort
(Asplenium x confluens)
Jackson's Spleenwort
(Asplenium x jacksonii)
Moore's Spleenwort
(Asplenium x microdon)
Irish Spleenwort
(Asplenium onopteris)
Maidenhair Spleenwort
(Asplenium trichomanes ssp. pachyrachis)
Goldilocks Aster
(Aster linosyris)
Alpine Milk-vetch
(Astragalus alpinus)
Pedunculate Sea-purslane
(Atriplex pedunculata)
Alpine Bartsia
(Bartsia alpina)
Great Pignut
(Bunium bulbocastanum)
Small Hare's-ear
(Bupleurum baldense)
(Buxus sempervirens)
Scandinavian Small-reed
(Calamagrostis purpurea ssp. phragmitoides)
Scottish Small-reed
(Calamogrostis scotica)
Narrow Small-reed
(Calamogrostis stricta)
Narrow-fruited Water-starwort
(Callitriche palustris)
Scorched Alpine-sedge
(Carex atrofusca)
Club Sedge
(Carex buxbaumii)
String Sedge
(Carex chordorrhiza)
Starved Wood-sedge
(Carex depauperata)
Large Yellow-sedge
(Carex flava)
Downy-fruited Sedge
(Carex filiformis)
Mountain Bladder-sedge
(Carex x grahamii)
Hare's-foot Sedge
(Carex lachenalii)
Bristle Sedge
(Carex microglochin)
Prickly Sedge
(Carex muricata ssp. muricata)
Close-headed Alpine-sedge
(Carex norvegica)
Bird's-foot Sedge
(Carex ornithopoda)
Mountain Bog-sedge
(Carex rariflora)
Estuarine Sedge
(Carex recta)
Saltmarsh Sedge
(Carex salina)
True Fox-sedge
(Carex vulpina)
Perennial Centaury
(Centaurium scilloides)
Slender Centaury
(Centaurium tenuiflorum)
Red Helleborine
(Cephalanthera rubra)
Common Mouse-Ear
(Cerastium fontanum ssp. scoticum)
Upright Goosefoot
(Chenopodium urbicum)
Stinking Goosefoot
(Chenopodium vulvaria)
Alpine Blue-sowthistle
(Cicerbita alpina)
Tuberous Thistle
(Cirsium tuberosum)
Wood Calamint
(Clinopodium menthifolium)
Lundy Cabbage
(Coincya wrightii)
(Corrigiola litoralis)
Grey Hair-grass
(Corynephorus canescens)
Wild Cotoneaster
(Cotoneaster cambricus)
Aquatic Pygmyweed
(Crassula aquatica)
Northern Hawk's-beard
(Crepis mollis)
Leafless Hawk's-beard
(Crepis praemorsa)
Green Hound's-Tongue
(Cynoglossum germanicum)
Brown Galingale
(Cyperus fuscus)
(Cypripedium calceolus)
Diaphanous Bladder-fern
(Cystopteris diaphana)
Dickie's Bladder-fern
(Cystopteris dickieana)
Mountain Bladder-fern
(Cystopteris montana)
Hebridean Marsh-orchid
(Dactylorhiza ebudensis)
Early Marsh-Orchid
(Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. cruenta)
Early Marsh-Orchid
(Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. gemmana)
Early Marsh-Orchid
(Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. ochroleucon)
(Damasonium alisma)
Cheddar Pink
(Dianthus gratianopolitanus)
(Diapensia lapponica)
Issler's Clubmoss
(Diphasiastrum x issleri)
Yellow Whitlowgrass
(Draba aizoides)
Narrow Male-fern
(Dryopteris cambrensis ssp. pseudocomplexa)
Crested Buckler-fern
(Dryopteris cristata)
Northern Spike-rush
(Eleocharis mamillata ssp. austriaca)
Common Spike-rush
(Eleocharis palustris ssp. palustris)
Dwarf Spike-rush
(Eleocharis parvula)
Dune Helleborine
(Epipactis dunensis)
Narrow-Lipped Helleborine
(Epipactis leptochila var. cleistogama)
Lindisfarne Helleborine
(Epipactis sancta)
Ghost Orchid
(Epipogium aphyllum)
Moore's Horsetail
(Equisetum x moorei)
Dorset Heather
(Erica ciliaris)
Irish Heather
(Erica erigena)
Mackay's Heather
(Erica mackayana)
Cornish Heather
(Erica vagans)
Alpine Fleabane
(Erigeron borealis)
Sticky Stork's-bill
(Erodium lebelii)
Field Eryngo
(Eryngium campestre)
Upright Spurge
(Euphorbia stricta)
Arctic Eyebright
(Euphrasia arctica ssp. arctica)
Welsh Eyebright
(Euphrasia cambrica)
Campbell's Eyebright
(Euphrasia campbelliae)
Heslop-Harrison's Eyebright
(Euphrasia heslop-harrisonii)
Marshall's Eyebright
(Euphrasia marshallii)
Ostenfeld's Eyebright
(Euphrasia ostenfeldii)
Cumbrian Eyebright
(Euphrasia rivularis)
Pugsley's Eyebright
(Euphrasia rotundifolia)
Cornish Eyebright
(Euphrasia vigursii)
Guernsey Centaury
(Exaculum pusillum)
Breton Fescue
(Festuca armoricana)
Huon's Fescue
(Festuca huonii)
Confused Fescue
(Festuca lemanii)
Red Fescue
(Festuca rubra ssp. scotica)
Narrow-leaved Cudweed
(Filago gallica)
White Ramping-Fumitory
(Fumaria capreolata ssp. capreolata)
Martin's Ramping-Fumitory
(Fumaria reuteri ssp. martinii)
Early Star-of-Bethlehem
(Gagea bohemica)
Snowdon Lily
(Gagea serotina)
Slender Marsh-bedstraw
(Galium constrictum)
Slender Bedstraw
(Galium pumilum)
Corn Cleavers
(Galium tricornutum)
Hairy Greenweed
(Genista pilosa)
Dyer's Greenweed
(Genista tinctoria ssp. littoralis)
Alpine Gentian
(Gentiana nivalis)
Dune Gentian
(Gentianella uliginosa)
Fringed Gentian
(Gentianopsis ciliata)
Wild Gladiolus
(Gladiolus illyricus)
Jersey Cudweed
(Gnaphalium luteoalbum)
White Rock-Rose
(Helianthemum apenninum)
Hoary Rock-Rose
(Helianthemum oelandicum ssp. levigatum)
Hoary Rock-Rose
(Helianthumum oelandicum ssp. piloselloides)
(Heracleum sphondylium ssp. flavescens)
Fringed Rupturewort
(Herniaria ciliolata ssp. ciliolata)
Fringed Rupturewort
(Herniaria ciliolata ssp. subciliata)
Smooth Rupturewort
(Herniaria glabra)
(Hierochloe odorata)
(Hornungia petraea)
Fir Clubmoss
(Huperzia selago ssp. arctica)
Esthwaite Waterweed
(Hydrilla verticillata)
Toadflax-leaved St John's-wort
(Hypericum linariifolium)
Imperforate St John's-Wort
(Hypericum maculatum ssp. maculatum)
Spotted Cat's-ear
(Hypochaeris maculata)
(Illecebrum verticillatum)
Irish Fleabane
(Inula salicina)
Land Quillwort
(Isoetes histrix)
Alpine Rush
(Juncus alpinoarticulatus ssp. rariflorus)
Pygmy Rush
(Juncus pygmaeus)
Common Juniper
(Juniperus communis ssp. hemisphaerica)
False Sedge
(Kobresia simpliciuscula)
Somerset Hair-grass
(Koeleria vallesiana)
(Koenigia islandica)
Least Lettuce
(Lactuca saligna)
Yellow Archangel
(Lamiastrum galeobdolon ssp. galeobdolon)
(Leersia oryzoides)
Broad-leaved Sea-lavender
(Limonium auriculae-ursifolium)
Matted Sea-lavender
(Limonium bellidifolium)
Rock Sea-Lavender
(Limonium binervosum ssp. anglicum)
Rock Sea-Lavender
(Limonium binervosum ssp. binervosum)
Rock Sea-Lavender
(Limonium binervosum ssp. cantianum)
Rock Sea-Lavender
(Limonium binervosum ssp. mutatum)
Rock Sea-Lavender
(Limonium binervosum ssp. sarniense)
Rock Sea-Lavender
(Limonium binervosum ssp. saxonicum)
Western Sea-Lavender
(Limonium britannicum ssp. britannicum)
Western Sea-Lavender
(Limonium britannicum ssp. celticum)
Western Sea-Lavender
(Limonium britannicum ssp. coombense)
Western Sea-Lavender
(Limonium britannicum ssp. transcanalis)
Purbeck Sea-lavender
(Limonium dodartiforme)
Logan's Sea-lavender
(Limonium loganicum)
Alderney Sea-lavender
(Limonium normannicum)
St David's Sea-lavender
(Limonium paradoxum)
Small Sea-lavender
(Limonium parvum)
Tall Sea-lavender
(Limonium procerum ssp. cambrense)
Tall Sea-lavender
(Limonium procerum ssp. devoniense)
Irish Sea-lavender
(Limonium recurvum ssp. humile)
Irish Sea-lavender
(Limonium recurvum ssp. portlandicum)
Irish Sea-lavender
(Limonium recurvum ssp. pseudotranswallianum)
Irish Sea-lavender
(Limonium recurvum ssp. recurvum)
Giltar Sea-lavender
(Limonium transwallianum)
Welsh Mudwort
(Limosella australis)
Prostrate Toadflax
(Linaria supina)
Fen Orchid
(Liparis loeselii)
Purple Gromwell
(Lithospermum purpureocaeruleum)
Heath Lobelia
(Lobelia urens)
(Ludwigia palustris)
Curved Wood-rush
(Luzula arcuata)
Fen Wood-rush
(Luzula pallescens)
Hare's-foot Clubmoss
(Lycopodium lagopus)
Tufted Loosestrife
(Lysimachia thyrsiflora)
(Lythrum hyssopifolia)
May Lily
(Maianthemum bifolium)
Field Cow-Wheat
(Melampyrum arvense)
Crested Cow-wheat
(Melampyrum cristatum)
Early Sand-grass
(Mibora minima)
Perfoliate Penny-cress
(Microthlaspi perfoliatum)
Early Millet
(Milium vernale ssp. sarniense)
Recurved Sandwort
(Minuartia recurva)
Mountain Sandwort
(Minuartia rubella)
Teesdale Sandwort
(Minuartia stricta)
One-Flowered Wintergreen
(Moneses uniflora)
(Muscari neglectum)
Alpine Forget-me-not
(Myosotis alpestris)
Jersey Forget-me-not
(Myosotis sicula)
Holly-leaved Naiad
(Najas marina ssp. intermedia)
Dense-Flowered Orchid
(Neotinea maculata)
Small Restharrow
(Ononis reclinata)
Military Orchid
(Orchis militaris)
Monkey Orchid
(Orchis simia)
Orange Bird's-foot
(Ornithopus pinnatus)
Bedstraw Broomrape
(Orobanche caryophyllacea)
Oxtongue Broomrape
(Orobanche picridis)
Thistle Broomrape
(Orobanche reticulata ssp. pallidiflora)
Least Adder's-Tongue
(Ophioglossum lusitanicum)
Late Spider-orchid
(Ophrys fuciflora)
Yellow Oxytropis
(Oxytropis campestris)
Purple Oxytropis
(Oxytropis halleri)
Eastern Parsnip
(Pastinaca sativa ssp. urens)
Childing Pink
(Petrorhagia nanteuilii)
Proliferous Pink
(Petrorhagia prolifera)
Hog's Fennel
(Peucedanum officinale)
Purple-stem Cat's-tail
(Phleum phleoides)
Blue Heather
(Phyllodoce caerulea)
(Physospermum cornubiense)
Spiked Rampion
(Phyteuma spicatum)
Shetland Mouse-ear-hawkweed
(Pilosella flagellaris ssp. bicapitata)
Shaggy Mouse-ear-hawkweed
(Pilosella peleteriana ssp. peleteriana)
Shaggy Mouse-ear-hawkweed
(Pilosella peleteriana ssp. subpeleteriana)
Shaggy Mouse-ear-hawkweed
(Pilosella peleteriana ssp. tenuiscapa)
Wavy Meadow-grass
(Poa flexuosa)
Swedish Meadow-grass
(Poa x jemtlandica)
(Polemonium caeruleum)
Dwarf Milkwort
(Polygala amarella)
Common Milkwort
(Polygala vulgaris ssp. collina)
Whorled Solomon's-seal
(Polygonatum verticillatum)
Sea Knotgrass
(Polygonum maritimum)
Sharp-leaved Pondweed
(Potamogeton acutifolius)
Bothnian Pondweed
(Potamogeton x bottnicus)
Cooper's Pondweed
(Potamogeton x cooperi)
American Pondweed
(Potamogeton epihydrus)
Linton's Pondweed
(Potamogeton x lintonii)
Loddon Pondweed
(Potamogeton nodosus)
Shetland Pondweed
(Potamogeton rutilus)
Schreber's Pondweed
(Potamogeton x schreberi)
Swedish Pondweed
(Potamogeton x suecicus)
Shrubby Cinquefoil
(Potentilla fruticosa)
Rock Cinquefoil
(Potentilla rupestris)
(Pteridium aquilinum ssp. latiusculum)
Small Fleabane
(Pulicaria vulgaris)
Suffolk Lungwort
(Pulmonaria obscura)
Plymouth Pear
(Pyrus cordata)
Lesser Spearwort
(Ranunculus flammula ssp. minimus)
Lesser Spearwort
(Ranunculus flammula ssp. scoticus)
Loch Leven Spearwort
(Ranunculus x levenensis)
New Forest Crowfoot
(Ranunculus x novae-forestae)
Adder's-tongue Spearwort
(Ranunculus ophioglossifolius)
Jersey Buttercup
(Ranunculus paludosus)
Creeping Spearwort
(Ranunculus reptans)
Greater Yellow-rattle
(Rhinanthus angustifolius)
(Rhinanthus minor ssp. borealis)
(Rhinanthus minor ssp. calcareus)
(Rhinanthus minor ssp. lintonii)
Sand Crocus
(Romulea columnae)
Walthamstow Yellow-cress
(Rorippa x armoracioides)
Thames Yellow-cress
(Rorippa x erythrocaulis)
Common Sorrel
(Rumex acetosa ssp. biformis)
Common Sorrel
(Rumex acetosa ssp. hibernicus)
Scottish Dock
(Rumex aquaticus)
Curled Dock
(Rumex crispus ssp. uliginosus)
Round-headed Club-rush
(Scirpoides holoschoenus)
Annual Knawel
(Scleranthus annuus ssp. polycarpos)
Perennial Knawel
(Scleranthus perennis ssp. perennis)
Perennial Knawel
(Scleranthus perennis ssp. prostratus)
Snow Pearlwort
(Sagina nivalis)
Scottish Pearlwort
(Sagina x normaniana)
Shiny Glasswort
(Salicornia emerici)
Glaucous Glasswort
(Salicornia obscura)
Woolly Willow
(Salix lanata)
Wild Clary
(Salvia verbenaca ssp. verbenaca)
Drooping Saxifrage
(Saxifraga cernua)
Tufted Saxifrage
(Saxifraga cespitosa)
Marsh Saxifrage
(Saxifraga hirculus)
Highland Saxifrage
(Saxifraga rivularis)
Irish Saxifrage
(Saxifraga rosaceae ssp. hartii)
Irish Saxifrage
(Saxifraga rosacea ssp. rosacea)
(Scheuchzeria palustris)
Triangular Club-rush
(Schoenoplectus triqueter)
Brown Bog-rush
(Schoenus ferrugineus)
(Scorzonera humilis)
Cambridge Milk-parsley
(Selinum carvifolia)
Welsh Groundsel
(Senecio cambrensis)
Fen Ragwort
(Senecio paludosus)
Lesser Tongue-orchid
(Serapias parviflora)
Moon Carrot
(Seseli libanotis)
Sand Catchfly
(Silene conica)
Spanish Catchfly
(Silene otites)
Alpine Catchfly
(Silene suecica)
Sticky Catchfly
(Silene viscaria)
Kerry Lily
(Simethis mattiazzii)
Water's-meet Whitebeam
(Sorbus admonitor)
English Whitebeam
(Sorbus anglica)
Arran Whitebeam
(Sorbus arranensis)
Bristol Whitebeam
(Sorbus bristoliensis)
Welsh Whitebeam
(Sorbus cambrensis)
Cheddar Whitebeam
(Sorbus cheddarensis)
Llangollen Whitebeam
(Sorbus cuneifolia)
Wild Service-tree
(Sorbus domestica)
Round-leaved Whitebeam
(Sorbus eminens)
Doward Whitebeam
(Sorbus eminentiformis)
Twin Cliffs Whitebeam
(Sorbus eminentoides)
Lancastrian Whitebeam
(Sorbus lancastriensis)
Leigh Woods Whitebeam
(Sorbus leighensis)
Thin-leaved Whitebeam
(Sorbus leptophylla)
Ley's Whitebeam
(Sorbus leyana)
Margaret's Whitebeam
(Sorbus margaretae)
Least Whitebeam
(Sorbus minima)
Ship Rock Whitebeam
(Sorbus parviloba)
Arran Service-tree
(Sorbus pseudofennica)
False Rowan
(Sorbus pseudomeinichii)
Gough's Rock Whitebeam
(Sorbus rupicoloides)
Symonds Yat Whitebeam
(Sorbus saxicola)
Scannell's Whitebeam
(Sorbus scannelliana)
Llanthony Whitebeam
(Sorbus stenophylla)
Stirton's Whitebeam
(Sorbus stirtoniana)
Somerset Whitebeam
(Sorbus subcuneata)
False Service-tree
(Sorbus x tomentella)
White's Whitebeam
(Sorbus whiteana)
Wilmott's Whitebeam
(Sorbus wilmottiana)
Bloody Whitebeam
(Sorbus vexans)
Greek Sea-spurrey
(Spergularia bocconei)
Limestone Woundwort
(Stachys alpina)
Downy Woundwort
(Stachys germanica)
Wood Stitchwort
(Stellaria nemorum ssp. montana)
(Stratiotes aloides)
Common Comfrey
(Symphytum officinale ssp. bohemicum)
Field Fleawort
(Tephroseris integrifolia ssp. maritima)
Cut-leaved Germander
(Teucrium botrys)
Wall Germander
(Teucrium chamaedrys)
Water Germander
(Teucrium scordium)
Breckland Thyme
(Thymus serpyllum)
Common Lime
(Tilia x europaea)
Northern Deergrass
(Trichophorum cespitosum)
Twin-headed Clover
(Trifolium bocconei)
Long-headed Clover
(Trifolium incarnatum ssp. molinerii)
Upright Clover
(Trifolium strictum)
(Trinia glauca)
Jersey Elm
(Ulmus minor ssp. sarniensis)
New Forest Bladderwort
(Utricularia bremii)
Hairy-Fruited Cornsalad
(Valerianella eriocarpa)
Fingered Speedwell
(Veronica triphyllos)
Spring Speedwell
(Veronica verna)
Heath Violet
(Viola canina ssp. montana)
Dwarf Pansy
(Viola kitaibeliana)
Fen Violet
(Viola persicifolia)
Teesdale Violet
(Viola rupestris)
Alpine Woodsia
(Woodsia alpina)
Oblong Woodsia
(Woodsia ilvensis)

Here follows a list, courtesy of Adam Lucas, of all the scarce, [RR] plants
(Aconitum napellus)
(Actaea spicata)
Southern Maidenhair Fern
(Adiantum capillus-veneris)
Pheasant's Eye
(Adonis annua)
Pyramidal Bugle
(Ajuga pyramidalis)
Silky Lady's-mantle
(Alchemilla glaucescens)
Clustered Lady's-mantle
(Alchemilla glomerulans)
Rock Lady's-mantle
(Alchemilla wichurae)
Wild Leek
(Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum)
Wild Leek
(Allium ampeloprasum var. babingtonii)
(Allium schoenoprasum)
Bulbous Foxtail
(Alopecurus bulbosus)
Alpine Foxtail
(Alopecurus magellanicus)
(Althaea officinalis)
Blue Pimpernel
(Anagallis arvensis ssp. foemina)
Kidney Vetch
(Anthyllis vulneraria ssp. lapponica)
Northern Rock-Cress
(Arabidopsis petraea)
Arctic Bearberry
(Arctostaphylos alpinus)
Italian Lords-and-Ladies
(Arum italicum ssp. neglectum)
Wild Asparagus
(Asparagus prostratus)
Forked Spleenwort
(Asplenium septentrionale)
Maidenhair Spleenwort
(Asplenium trichomanes ssp. trichomanes)
Alpine Lady-fern
(Athyrium distentifolium var. distentifolium)
Newman's Lady-fern
(Athyrium distentifolium var. flexile)
Long-Stalked Orache
(Atriplex longipes)
Early Orache
(Atriplex praecox)
Taschereau's Orache
(Atriplex x taschereaui)
Lesser Water-Plantain
(Baldellia ranunculoides ssp. repens)
Dwarf Birch
(Betula nana)
Wild Cabbage
(Brassica oleracea var. oleracea)
Lesser Quaking-grass
(Briza minor)
Lesser Hairy-brome
(Bromopsis benekenii)
(Bromus hordeaceus ssp. ferronii)
(Bromus hordeaceus ssp. thominei)
Slender Hare's-ear
(Bupleurum tenuissimum)
Short-leaved Water-starwort
(Callitriche truncata)
Spreading Bellflower
(Campanula patula)
(Cardamine bulbifera)
Narrow-leaved Bittercress
(Cardamine impatiens)
Fibrous Tussock-sedge
(Carex appropinquata)
Black Alpine-sedge
(Carex atrata)
Hair Sedge
(Carex capillaris)
Fingered Sedge
(Carex digitata)
Divided Sedge
(Carex divisa)
Elongated Sedge
(Carex elongata)
Rare Spring-sedge
(Carex ericetorum)
Dwarf Sedge
(Carex humilis)
Tall Bog-sedge
(Carex magellanica)
Curved Sedge
(Carex maritima)
Soft-leaved Sedge
(Carex montana)
Dotted Sedge
(Carex punctata)
Rock Sedge
(Carex rupestris)
Russet Sedge
(Carex saxatilis)
Sheathed Sedge
(Carex vaginata)
Seaside Centaury
(Centaurium littorale)
Narrow-Leaved Helleborine
(Cephalanthera longifolia)
Alpine Mouse-ear
(Cerastium alpinum)
Starwort Mouse-ear
(Cerastium cerastoides)
Arctic Mouse-Ear
(Cerastium nigrescens var. alpinopilosum)
Arctic Mouse-Ear
(Cerastium nigrescens var. laxum)
Arctic Mouse-Ear
(Cerastium nigrescens var. nigrescens)
Dwarf Mouse-ear
(Cerastium pumilum)
Saltmarsh Goosefoot
(Chenopodium chenopodioides)
Oak-leaved Goosefoot
(Chenopodium glaucum)
Yellow Centaury
(Cicendia filiformis)
Alpine Enchanter's-nightshade
(Circaea alpina)
Lesser Calamint
(Clinopodium calamintha)
Mountain Scurveygrass
(Cochlearia micacea)
Common Scurveygrass
(Cochlearia officinalis ssp. scottica)
Pyrenean Scurveygrass
(Cochlearia pyrenaica ssp. alpina)
Pyrenean Scurveygrass
(Cochlearia pyrenaica ssp. pyrenaica)
Isle of Man Cabbage
(Coincya monensis ssp. monensis)
Coralroot Orchid
(Corallorhiza trifida)
Mossy Stonecrop
(Crassula tillaea)
Greater Dodder
(Cuscuta europaea)
Common Galingale
(Cyperus longus)
Common Broom
(Cytisus scoparius ssp. maritimus)
St Dabeoc's Heather
(Daboecia cantabrica)
Early Marsh-Orchid
(Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. coccinea)
Narrow-leaved Marsh-orchid
(Dactylorhiza traunsteinerioides)
(Daphne mezereum)
Sea Carrot
(Daucus carota ssp. gummifer)
Tufted Hair-grass
(Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. alpina)
Bog Hair-grass
(Deschampsia setacea)
Deptford Pink
(Dianthus armeria)
Maiden Pink
(Dianthus deltoides)
Wall Whitlowgrass
(Draba muralis)
Rock Whitlowgrass
(Draba norvegica)
Mountain Avens
(Dryas octopetala)
Rigid Buckler-Fern
(Dryopteris submontana)
Purple Viper's-bugloss
(Echium plantagineum)
Six-Stamened Waterwort
(Elatine hydropiper)
Neglected Couch
(Elytrigia campestris ssp. maritima)
Dark-Red Helleborine
(Epipactis atrorubens)
Narrow-Lipped Helleborine
(Epipactis leptochila var. leptochila)
Green-flowered Helleborine
(Epipactis phyllanthes var. cambrensis)
Green-flowered Helleborine
(Epipactis phyllanthes var. degenera)
Green-flowered Helleborine
(Epipactis phyllanthes var. pendula)
Green-flowered Helleborine
(Epipactis phyllanthes var. phyllanthes)
Green-flowered Helleborine
(Epipactis phyllanthes var. vectensis)
Mackay's Horsetail
(Equisetum x trachyodon)
(Eriocaulon aquaticum)
Slender Cottongrass
(Eriophorum gracile)
Hairy Whitlowgrass
(Erophila majuscula)
Foula Eyebright
(Euphrasia foulaensis)
Upland Eyebright
(Euphrasia frigida)
Montane Eyebright
(Euphrasia officinalis ssp. monticola)
Chalk Eyebright
(Euphrasia pseudokerneri)
Irish Eyebright
(Euphrasia salisburgensis var. hibernica)
Copse Bindweed
(Fallopia dumetorum)
Rush-leaved Fescue
(Festuca arenaria ssp. arenaria)
Rush-leaved Fescue
(Festuca arenaria ssp. oraria)
Blue Fescue
(Festuca longifolia)
Red Fescue
(Festuca rubra ssp. arctica)
Red Fescue
(Festuca rubra ssp. commutata)
Red Fescue
(Festuca rubra ssp. litoralis)
Red-Tipped Cudweed
(Filago lutescens)
Broad-Leaved Cudweed
(Filago pyramidata)
(Frankenia laevis)
Snake's-Head Fritillary
(Fritillaria meleagris)
Western Ramping-Fumitory
(Fumaria occidentalis)
Fine-leaved Fumitory
(Fumaria parviflora)
Purple Ramping-Fumitory
(Fumaria purpurea)
Few-flowered Fumitory
(Fumaria vaillantii)
Wall Bedstraw
(Galium parisiense)
Western Nit-grass
(Gastridium ventricosum)
Marsh Gentian
(Gentiana pneumonanthe)
Spring Gentian
(Gentiana verna)
Autumn Gentian
(Gentianella amarella ssp. hibernica)
Autumn Gentian
(Gentianella amarella ssp. septentrionalis)
Early Gentian
(Gentianella anglica)
Chiltern Gentian
(Gentianella germanica)
Little Robin
(Geranium purpureum)
Highland Cudweed
(Gnaphalium norvegicum)
Heath Fragrant-Orchid
(Gymnadenia borealis)
Limestone Fern
(Gymnocarpium robertianum)
Hoary Rock-Rose
(Helianthemum oelandicum ssp. incanum)
Stinking Hellebore
(Helleborus foetidus)
Musk Orchid
(Herminium monorchis)
(Hieracium sect. Alpestria)
(Hieracium sect. Prenanthoidea)
Lizard Orchid
(Himantoglossum hircinum)
(Hippophae rhamnoides)
Wood Barley
(Hordelymus europaeus)
Sea Barley
(Hordeum marinum)
Wavy St John's-wort
(Hypericum undulatum)
Wild Candytuft
(Iberis amara)
Touch-me-not Balsam
(Impatiens noli-tangere)
(Isatis tinctoria)
Sharp Rush
(Juncus acutus)
Alpine Rush
(Juncus alpinoarticulatus ssp. alpinoarticulatus)
Baltic Rush
(Juncus balticus)
Two-flowered Rush
(Juncus biglumis)
Dwarf Rush
(Juncus capitatus)
Chestnut Rush
(Juncus castaneus)
Thread Rush
(Juncus filiformis)
Sea Pea
(Lathyrus japonicus ssp. maritimus)
Yellow Vetchling
(Lathyrus aphaca)
Marsh Pea
(Lathyrus palustris)
(Lepidium latifolium)
Summer Snowflake
(Leucojum aestivum ssp. aestivum)
Tall Sea-lavender
(Limonium procerum ssp. procerum)
Common Mudwort
(Limosella aquatica)
(Linnaea borealis ssp. borealis)
Perennial Flax
(Linum perenne ssp. anglicum)
Slender Bird's-foot-trefoil
(Lotus angustissimus)
Hairy Bird's-foot-trefoil
(Lotus subbiflorus)
Floating Water-plantain
(Luronium natans)
Marsh Clubmoss
(Lycopodiella inundata)
Interrupted Clubmoss
(Lycopodium annotinum)
White Horehound
(Marrubium vulgare)
Hoary Stock
(Matthiola incana)
Sea Stock
(Matthiola sinuata)
Bur Medick
(Medicago minima)
Toothed Medick
(Medicago polymorpha)
Sickle Medick
(Medicago sativa ssp. falcata)
Sand Lucerne
(Medicago sativa nothossp. varia)
Common Cow-wheat
(Melampyrum pratense ssp. commutatum)
Small Cow-wheat
(Melampyrum sylvaticum)
Bastard Balm
(Melittis melissophyllum)
(Mentha pulegium)
Round-Leaved Mint
(Mentha suaveolens)
(Mertensia maritima)
(Mespilus germanica)
(Meum athamanticum)
Fine-leaved Sandwort
(Minuartia hybrida ssp. tenuifolia)
(Minuartia sedoides)
(Montia fontana ssp. amporitana)
Pale Forget-me-not
(Myosotis stolonifera)
Slender Naiad
(Najas flexilis)
Burnt Orchid
(Neotinea ustulata)
Alpine Penny-cress
(Noccaea caerulescens)
Least Water-lily
(Nuphar pumila)
Hybrid Water-lily
(Nuphar x spenneriana)
White Water-Lily
(Nymphaea alba ssp. occidentalis)
Fringed Water-Lily
(Nymphoides peltata)
Red Bartsia
(Odontites verna ssp. litoralis)
Narrow-leaved Water-dropwort
(Oenanthe silaifolia)
Small Adder's-tongue
(Ophioglossum azoricum)
Early Spider-Orchid
(Ophrys sphegodes)
Man Orchid
(Orchis anthropophora)
Lady Orchid
(Orchis purpurea)
Thyme Broomrape
(Orobanche alba)
Common Broomrape
(Orobanche minor ssp. maritima var. maritima)
Yarrow Broomrape
(Orobanche purpurea)
Greater Broomrape
(Orobanche rapum-genistae)
Spiked Star-of-Bethlehem
(Ornithogalum pyrenaicum)
Curved Hard-grass
(Parapholis incurva)
Tasteless Water-pepper
(Persicaria mitis)
Alpine Cat's-tail
(Phleum alpinum)
Round-Headed Rampion
(Phyteuma orbiculare)
Large-flowered Butterwort
(Pinguicula grandiflora)
Scots Pine
(Pinus sylvestris)
Alpine Meadow-grass
(Poa alpina)
Bulbous Meadow-grass
(Poa bulbosa)
Glaucous Meadow-grass
(Poa glauca)
Early Meadow-grass
(Poa infirma)
Four-Leaved Allseed
(Polycarpon tetraphyllum var. diphyllum)
Four-Leaved Allseed
(Polycarpon tetraphyllum var. tetraphyllum)
Angular Soloman's-seal
(Polygonatum odoratum)
Northern Knotgrass
(Polygonum boreale)
Annual Beard-Grass
(Polypogon monspeliensis)
Long-leaved Pondweed
(Potamogeton x angustifolius)
Grass-wrack Pondweed
(Potamogeton compressus)
Graceful Pondweed
(Potamogeton x olivaceus)
Willow-leaved Pondweed
(Potamogeton x salicifolius)
Ribbon-leaved Pondweed
(Potamogeton x sparganiifolius)
Alpine Cinquefoil
(Potentilla crantzii)
Spring Cinquefoil
(Potentilla tabernaemontani)
(Primula elatior)
Bird's-eye Primrose
(Primula farinosa)
Scottish Primrose
(Primula scotica)
Reflexed Saltmarsh-grass
(Puccinellia distans ssp. borealis)
Borrer's Saltmarsh-Grass
(Puccinellia fasciculata var. fasciculata)
Borrer's Saltmarsh-Grass
(Puccinellia fasciculata var. pseudodistans)
Stiff Saltmarsh-grass
(Puccinellia rupestris)
Narrow-Leaved Lungwort
(Pulmonaria longifolia)
Pasque Flower
(Pulsatilla vulgaris)
Intermediate Wintergreen
(Pyrola media)
Round-Leaved Wintergreen
(Pyrola rotundifolia ssp. maritima)
Round-Leaved Wintergreen
(Pyrola rotundifolia ssp. rotundifolia)
Wirtgen's Water-crowfoot
(Ranunculus x bachii)
Kelso Water-crowfoot
(Ranunculus x kelchoensis)
Three-lobed Crowfoot
(Ranunculus tripartitus)
Common Yellow-rattle
(Rhinanthus minor ssp. monticola)
Brown Beak-sedge
(Rhynchospora fusca)
Mountain Currant
(Ribes alpinum)
Downy Currant
(Ribes spicatum)
Hybrid Yellow-cress
(Rorippa x anceps)
Northern Yellow-cress
(Rorippa islandica)
Small-leaved Sweet-briar
(Rosa agrestis)
Round-leaved Dog-rose
(Rosa obtusifolia)
Shore Dock
(Rumex rupestris)
Spiral Tasselweed
(Ruppia cirrhosa)
Alpine Pearlwort
(Sagina saginoides)
Yellow Glasswort
(Salicornia fragilis)
One-flowered Glasswort
(Salicornia pusilla)
Mountain Willow
(Salix arbuscula)
Holme Willow
(Salix x calodendron)
Goat Willow
(Salix caprea ssp. sphacelata)
Fine Osier
(Salix x forbyana)
Shrubby Osier
(Salix x fruticosa)
Downy Willow
(Salix lapponum)
Laurel-leaved Willow
(Salix x laurina)
Shiny-leaved Willow
(Salix x meyeriana)
Sharp-stipuled Willow
(Salix x mollissima nothovar. hippophaefolia)
Sharp-stipuled Willow
(Salix x mollissima nothovar. mollissima)
Sharp-stipuled Willow
(Salix x mollissima nothovar. undulata)
Whortle-leaved Willow
(Salix myrsinites)
Net-leaved Willow
(Salix reticulata)
Eared Osier
(Salix x stipularis)
Meadow Clary
(Salvia pratensis)
Perennial Glasswort
(Sarcocornia perennis)
Kidney Saxifrage
(Saxifraga hirsuta)
Alpine Saxifrage
(Saxifraga nivalis)
False Londonpride
(Saxifraga x polita)
Autumn Squill
(Scilla autumnalis)
Rock Stonecrop
(Sedum forsterianum)
Hairy Stonecrop
(Sedum villosum var. villosum)
(Sibbaldia procumbens)
Cornish Moneywort
(Sibthorpia europaea)
Nottingham Catchfly
(Silene nutans)
(Sisyrinchium bermudiana)
Greater Water-parsnip
(Sium latifolium)
Marsh Sowthistle
(Sonchus palustris)
Devon Whitebeam
(Sorbus devoniensis)
Irish Whitebeam
(Sorbus hibernica)
Grey-leaved Whitebeam
(Sorbus porrigentiformis)
Rock Whitebeam
(Sorbus rupicola)
German Service-Tree
(Sorbus x thuringiaca)
Small Cord-grass
(Spartina maritima)
Townsend's Cord-grass
(Spartina x townsendii)
Irish Lady's-Tresses
(Spiranthes romanzoffiana)
Shrubby Sea-Blite
(Suaeda vera)
(Taraxacum sect. Obliqua)
(Taraxacum sect. Palustria)
(Taraxacum sect. Taraxacum)
Field Fleawort
(Tephroseris integrifolia ssp. integrifolia)
Marsh Fern
(Thelypteris palustris)
Bastard Toadflax
(Thesium humifusum)
Marsh Milk-parsley
(Thyselium palustre)
Large-leaved Lime
(Tilia platyphyllos ssp. cordifolia)
Spreading Hedge-Parsley
(Torilis arvensis)
Killarney Fern
(Trichomanes speciosum)
Clustered Clover
(Trifolium glomeratum)
Western Clover
(Trifolium occidentale)
Sulphur Clover
(Trifolium ochroleucon)
Sea Clover
(Trifolium squamosum)
Suffocated Clover
(Trifolium suffocatum)
Spotted Rock-rose
(Tuberaria guttata)
Sea Mayweed
(Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp. nigriceps)
Tower Mustard
(Turritis glabra)
Cornish Elm
(Ulmus minor ssp. angustifolia)
Plot's Elm
(Ulmus plotii)
Nordic Bladderwort
(Utricularia stygia)
Small Cranberry
(Vaccinium microcarpum)
Broad-Fruited Cornsalad
(Valerianella rimosa)
White Mullein
(Verbascum lychnitis var. album)
White Mullein
(Verbascum lychnitis var. lychnitis)
Hoary Mullein
(Verbascum pulverulentum)
Alpine Speedwell
(Veronica alpina)
Rock Speedwell
(Veronica fruticans)
Thyme-Leaved Speedwell
(Veronica serpyllifolia ssp. humifusa)
Spiked Speedwell
(Veronica spicata)
Bithynian Vetch
(Vicia bithynica)
(Vicia lutea)
Slender Tare
(Vicia parviflora)
Pale Dog-violet
(Viola lactea)
Bearded Fescue
(Vulpia ciliata ssp. ambigua)
Mat-grass Fescue
(Vulpia unilateralis)
Rootless Duckweed
(Wolffia arrhiza)
Dwarf Eelgrass
(Zostera noltei)

Here follows a list, courtesy of Adam Lucas, of all the uncommon, [R] plants
Fools Parsley
(Aethusa cynapium ssp. agrestis)
Bristle Bent
(Agrostis curtisii)
Slender Lady's-mantle
(Alchemilla filicaulis ssp. filicaulis)
Field Garlic
(Allium oleraceum)
Sand Leek
(Allium scorodoprasum)
Orange Foxtail
(Alopecurus aequalis)
Bog Rosemary
(Andromeda polifolia)
Corn Chamomile
(Anthemis arvensis)
Loose Silky-bent
(Apera spica-venti)
Thyme-Leaved Sandwort
(Arenaria serpyllifolia ssp. lloydii)
Sea Wormwood
(Artemisia maritima)
Lanceolate Spleenwort
(Asplenium obovatum ssp. lanceolatum)
Purple Milk Vetch
(Astragalus danicus)
Wild Liquorice
(Astragalus glycyphyllos)
Marsh Flat-sedge
(Blysmus compressus)
Saltmarsh Flat-Sedge
(Blysmus rufus)
Wild Turnip
(Brassica rapa ssp. campestris)
Rye Brome
(Bromus secalinus)
Purple Small-reed
(Calamagrostis canescens)
Pedunculate Water-starwort
(Callitriche brutia ssp. brutia)
Hedge Bindweed
(Calystegia sepium ssp. roseata)
Sea Bindweed
(Calystegia soldanella)
(Campanula rotundifolia ssp. montana)
Water Sedge
(Carex aquatilis)
Grey Sedge
(Carex divulsa ssp. leersii)
Few-flowered Sedge
(Carex pauciflora)
(Centunculus minimus)
White Helleborine
(Cephalanthera damasonium)
Soft Hornwort
(Ceratophyllum submersum)
Common Chamomile
(Chamaemelum nobile)
Maple-leaved Goosefoot
(Chenopodium hybridum)
Nettle-leaved Goosefoot
(Chenopodium murale)
(Cicuta virosa)
Basil Thyme
(Clinopodium acinos)
Meadow Saffron
(Colchicum autumnale)
(Convallaria majalis)
Dwarf Cornel
(Cornus suecica)
Sea Kale
(Crambe maritima)
Rough Hawk's-beard
(Crepis biennis)
Common Dodder
(Cuscuta epithymum)
Early Marsh-Orchid
(Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. incarnata)
Early Marsh-Orchid
(Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. pulchella)
Irish Marsh-orchid
(Dactylorhiza kerryensis)
Tufted Hair-grass
(Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. parviflora)
Hoary Whitlowgrass
(Draba incana)
Northern Buckler-fern
(Dryopteris expansa)
Mountain Male-fern
(Dryopteris oreades)
Six-Stamened Waterwort
(Elatine hexandra)
Needle Spike-rush
(Eleocharis acicularis)
(Empetrum nigrum ssp. hermaphroditum)
Chickweed Willowherb
(Epilobium alsinifolium)
Alpine Willowherb
(Epilobium anagallidifolium)
Spear-leaved Willowherb
(Epilobium lanceolatum)
Violet Helleborine
(Epipactis purpurata)
Rough Horsetail
(Equisetum hyemale)
Shady Horsetail
(Equisetum pratense)
Variegated Horsetail
(Equisetum variegatum)
Sea Stork's-bill
(Erodium maritimum)
Musk Stork's-bill
(Erodium moschatum)
Glabrous Whitlowgrass
(Erophila glabrescens)
(Eryngium maritimum)
Irish Spurge
(Euphorbia hyberna)
Sea Spurge
(Euphorbia paralias)
Broad-Leaved Spurge
(Euphorbia platyphyllos)
Portland Spurge
(Euphorbia portlandica)
English Eyebright
(Euphrasia officinalis ssp. anglica)
Rostkov's Eyebright
(Euphrasia officinalis ssp. pratensis)
Western Eyebright
(Euphrasia tetraquetra)
Wood Fescue
(Festuca altissima)
Red Fescue
(Festuca rubra ssp. juncea)
Dense-flowered Fumitory
(Fumaria densiflora)
Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem
(Gagea lutea)
Red Hemp-Nettle
(Galeopsis angustifolia)
Limestone Bedstraw
(Galium sterneri)
Bloody Crane's-bill
(Geranium sanguineum var. sanguineum)
Bloody Crane's-bill
(Geranium sanguineum var. striatum)
Yellow Horned-Poppy
(Glaucium flavum)
Dwarf Cudweed
(Gnaphalium supinum)
Creeping Lady's-Tresses
(Goodyera repens)
Opposite-leaved Pondweed
(Groenlandia densa)
Bog Orchid
(Hammarbya paludosa)
Green Hellebore
(Helleborus viridis ssp. occidentalis)
(Hieracium sect. Alpina)
(Hieracium sect. Cerinthoidea)
(Hieracium sect. Subalpina)
Water Violet
(Hottonia palustris)
(Hydrocharis morsus-ranae)
Tunbridge Filmy-fern
(Hymenophyllum tunbrigense)
Pale St John's Wort
(Hypericum montanum)
Smooth Cat's-ear
(Hypochaeris glabra)
Yellow Bird's-Nest
(Hypopitys monotropa ssp. hypophegea)
Yellow Bird's-Nest
(Hypopitys monotropa ssp. monotropa)
Golden Samphire
(Inula crithmoides)
Spring Quillwort
(Isoetes echinospora)
Round-fruited Rush
(Juncus compressus)
Leafy Rush
(Juncus foliosus)
Frog Rush
(Juncus ranarius)
Three-leaved Rush
(Juncus trifidus)
Three-flowered Rush
(Juncus triglumis)
Common Juniper
(Juniperus communis ssp. nana)
Trailing Azalea
(Kalmia procumbens)
Northern Dead-nettle
(Lamium confertum)
Lax-Flowered Sea-Lavender
(Limonium humile)
Common Sea-Lavender
(Limonium vulgare)
Narrow-leaved Bird's-foot-trefoil
(Lotus tenuis)
Southern Wood-rush
(Luzula forsteri)
Spiked Wood-rush
(Luzula spicata)
Tree Mallow
(Malva arborea)
Welsh Poppy
(Meconopsis cambrica)
Mountain Melic
(Melica nutans)
Spring Sandwort
(Minuartia verna)
Upright Chickweed
(Moenchia erecta)
(Montia fontana ssp. chondrosperma)
(Montia fontana ssp. fontana)
(Montia fontana ssp. variabilis)
(Myosurus minimus)
Whorled Water-Milfoil
(Myriophyllum verticillatum)
(Nepeta cataria)
River Water-dropwort
(Oenanthe fluviatilis)
Corky-Fruited Water-Dropwort
(Oenanthe pimpinelloides)
Intermediate Evening-Primrose
(Oenothera x fallax)
(Onobrychis viciifolia)
Fly Orchid
(Ophrys insectifera)
Knapweed Broomrape
(Orobanche elatior)
Ivy Broomrape
(Orobanche hederae)
Serrated Wintergreen
(Orthilia secunda)
Rough Poppy
(Papaver hybridum)
Yellow Bartsia
(Parentucellia viscosa)
Common Lousewort
(Pedicularis sylvatica ssp. hibernica)
Small Water-pepper
(Persicaria minor)
Sand Cat's-tail
(Phleum arenarium)
(Pilularia globulifera)
Greater Plantain
(Plantago major ssp. intermedia)
Chalk Milkwort
(Polygala calcarea)
Common Solomon's-seal
(Polygonatum multiflorum)
Ray's Knotgrass
(Polygonum oxyspermum ssp. raii)
Cornfield Knotgrass
(Polygonum rurivagum)
Southern Polypody
(Polypodium cambricum)
(Polystichum lonchitis)
Fen Pondweed
(Potamogeton coloratus)
Slender-leaved Pondweed
(Potamogeton filiformis)
Flat-stalked Pondweed
(Potamogeton friesii)
Bright-leaved Pondweed
(Potamogeton x nitens)
Long-stalked Pondweed
(Potamogeton praelongus)
Hairlike Pondweed
(Potamogeton trichoides)
Hoary Cinquefoil
(Potentilla argentea)
(Potentilla erecta ssp. strictissima)
Small-White Orchid
(Pseudorchis albida)
Meadow Buttercup
(Ranunculus acris ssp. borealis var. pumilus)
Meadow Buttercup
(Ranunculus acris ssp. borealis var. villosus)
Corn Buttercup
(Ranunculus arvensis)
Brackish Water-crowfoot
(Ranunculus baudotii)
River Water-crowfoot
(Ranunculus fluitans)
Stream Water-Crowfoot
(Ranunculus penicillatus ssp. penicillatus)
Common Yellow-rattle
(Rhinanthus minor ssp. stenophyllus)
Hairy Dog-rose
(Rosa caesia ssp. caesia)
Small-flowered Sweet-briar
(Rosa micrantha)
Common Sweet-briar
(Rosa rubiginosa)
Short-styles Field-rose
(Rosa stylosa)
Harsh Downy-rose
(Rosa tomentosa)
(Rubus sect Glandulosus series Anisacanthi)
(Rubus sect. Glandulosus series Mucronati)
(Rubus sect. Glandulosus series Sprengeliani)
(Rubus sect. Rubus)
Golden Dock
(Rumex maritimus)
Marsh Dock
(Rumex palustris)
Beaked Tasselweed
(Ruppia maritima)
Spiny Butcher's-broom
(Ruscus aculeatus)
Long-Spiked Glasswort
(Salicornia dolichostachya)
Common Glasswort
(Salicornia europaea)
Purple Glasswort
(Salicornia ramosissima)
Dark-leaved Willow
(Salix myrsinifolia)
Green-leaved Willow
(Salix x rubra)
Prickly Saltwort
(Salsola kali ssp. kali)
Alpine Saw-wort
(Saussurea alpina)
Purple Saxifrage
(Saxifraga oppositifolia)
St. Patrick's-cabbage
(Saxifraga spathularis)
Shepherd's Needle
(Scandix pecten-veneris)
Green Figwort
(Scrophularia umbrosa)
Marsh Ragwort
(Senecio aquaticus ssp. ornatus)
Blue Moor-Grass
(Sesleria caerulea)
Moss Campion
(Silene acaulis)
Small-Flowered Catchfly
(Silene gallica)
Night-flowering Catchfly
(Silene noctiflora)
Common Whitebeam
(Sorbus aria)
Branched Bur-Reed
(Sparganium erectum ssp. oocarpum)
Marsh Stitchwort
(Stellaria palustris)
(Subularia aquatica)
Shepherd's Cress
(Teesdalia nudicaulis)
Scottish Asphodel
(Tofieldia pusilla)
Bird's-Foot Clover
(Trifolium ornithopodioides)
Rough Clover
(Trifolium scabrum)
Subterranean Clover
(Trifolium subterraneum)
Sea Mayweed
(Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp. vinicaule)
Dwarf Gorse
(Ulex minor)
Dutch Elm
(Ulmus x hollandica)
Huntingdon Elm
(Ulmus x vegeta)
Fen Nettle
(Urtica dioica ssp. galeopsifolia)
Southern Bladderwort
(Utricularia australis)
Greater Bladderwort
(Utricularia grandis)
Intermediate Bladderwort
(Utricularia intermedia)
Pale Bladderwort
(Utricularia ochroleuca)
Bog Bilberry
(Vaccinium uliginosum)
Narrow-Fruited Cornsalad
(Valerianella dentata)
Twiggy Mullein
(Verbascum virgatum)
Wood Bitter-vetch
(Vicia orobus)
Marsh Violet
(Viola palustris ssp. juressi)
Wild Pansy
(Viola tricolor ssp. curtisii)
Dune Fescue
(Vulpia fasciculata)
Ivy-Leaved Bellflower
(Wahlenbergia hederacea)
Common Eelgrass
(Zostera marina)
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