Family: Bogbean [Menyanthaceae]


There are only two members of this family, Bogbean itself, and Fringed Water-Lily, both aquatic plants liking marshy or boggy pools and in the case of Fringed Water-Lily, shallow, still fresh-water such as that found in canals. Please note that Fringed Water-Lily does not belong to the Water-Lily Family [Nymphaeaceae].

The distinguishing feature of the family is the frayed or fringed periphery of the petals of the flowers.

Note the very straggly frayed periphery of the petals.

Bogbean, 31st May 2007, Torver Common, Torver, Coniston.


Water-Lily (latin name) Photo: © RWD

Family: Bogbean [Menyanthaceae]

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