Family: Stonecrop [Crassulaceae]










Many Stonecrops have 5 petals, such as Biting Stonecrop, English Stonecrop, White Stonecrop, Pink Stonecrop, Orpine, Ice-Plant, and Navelwort (which has bell-shaped flowers but with 5 triangular points. But some particular members have 3 petals (Mossy Stonecrop), others 4 petals (Roseroot and Pigmyweed), 6 petals (Reflex Stonecrop), 7 petals (Rock Stonecrop) or 12 petals (Houseleek). It could be argued that the Stonecrops exhibit flowers with the most varied number of petals, rather like chlorine or a transition metal element exhibiting the most valences.

Most Crassularaceae are bisexual, apart from Rhodiola which is dioecious (with male and female flowers on separate plants). Many species have succulent stems or succulent leaves, or both, but not all.

[UMBILICUS] Navelwort

Navelwort. (Umbilicus rupestris) Photo: © RWD

[CRASSULA] Pigmyweeds

New-Zealand Pigmyweed. (Crassula helmsii) Photo: © Paul Breslin

Mossy Stonecrop (Crassula tillaea) Photo: © Dawn Nelson

[SEDUM] Stonecrops

White Stonecrop. (Sedum album) Photo: © RWD

English Stonecrop. (Sedum anglicum) Photo: © RWD

Biting Stonecrop. (Sedum acre) Photo: © RWD

Rock Stonecrop. (Sedum forsterianum) Photo: © RWD

Reflexed Stonecrop. (Sedum rupestre) Photo: © RWD

Thick-Leaved Stonecrop (Sedum dasyphyllum) Photo: © Dawn Nelson

Kamchatka Stonecrop. (Sedum khamptschaticum) Photo: © RWD

Caucasian Stonecrop (Sedum spurium) Photo: © RWD

Orpine (Sedum telephium) Photo: © RWD

Sedum 'Herbstfreude' (Autumn joy) (Sedum spectabile x telephium) Photo: © RWD

Ice-Plant (Sedum spectabile) Photo: © RWD

Roseroot (Sedum rosea [aka Rhodiola rosea]) Photo: © RWD


House-Leek (Sempervivum tectorum) Photo: © Joy Ahmad

Family: Stonecrop [Crassulaceae]

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