Family: Bogbean [Menyanthaceae]



There are only two members of this family, Bogbean itself, and Fringed Water-Lily, both aquatic plants liking marshy or boggy pools and in the case of Fringed Water-Lily, shallow, still fresh-water such as that found in canals. Please note that Fringed Water-Lily does not belong to the Water-Lily Family [Nymphaeaceae].

The distinguishing feature of the family is the frayed or fringed periphery of the petals of the flowers.


Bogbean (Menyanthes trifoliata) Photo: © RWD

[NYMPHOIDES] Fringed Water-lily

Fringed Water-Lily. (Nymphoides peltata) Photo: © RWD

Family: Bogbean [Menyanthaceae]

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