This is just a list of plants with the common name 'bane' appearing somewhere within their name. There is no particular significance in this, just that the plants with 'bane' in their name are the bane of whichever creature may be named with them. Thus 'Leopard's-bane' is the bane of leopards, and wolf's-bane that of wolves. Maybe that is why there are no leopards roaming the UK now :-) Some estates want to reintroduce wolves, however.

Fleabanes are the bane of fleas (and other insects) and were once hung up in houses to help deter fleas from entering or to maim them in some way if they did enter. In the end, if all else failed, they could be used for swatting them :-)

It can be deduced that neither Henbane nor Cowbane worked particularly well - there are still hens and cows in the UK - but maybe none where hens or cows are gathered together in a field and grooving with a pict :-)

There are many other highly toxic plants which do not have the suffix 'bane' attached to their common name (or maybe they once did, but your Author cannot be bothered tracking down all the huge number of vernacular names (he hesitates to use the word 'common' in this context) of the toxic plants.

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