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In the latin name of a plant, for example Trifolium pratense or Red Clover, the first name is the genus of the plant (the plural of which is 'genera'), the second name is the species name. Red Clover belongs to the Pea (Fabaceae) family.

Not all plants in the same family share the same genus. Thus the Pea Family consists of several genera some of which are Astragalus, Oxytropis, Anthyllis, Ornithopus and Hippocrepis. All members of the same genera share some of the same characteristics.

This lists complements the Genus [BSBI lists] which gives [POP]-out links to BSBI genera, and instead gives access to the WildFlowerFinder Family Info pages.

If you simply want to see flowers in this website under a certain Genus name, then please look in the Subject Index.

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