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This menu is for botanists, and lists the species of flowers on this WildFlowerFinder website by scientific name (they are also listed in the Subject Index).

Moreover, if the Reader prefers to also see the English vernacular name of the plant, then hover the mouse over the latin name and the English equivalent will appear (somewhere - it depends upon your browser and its settings). Unless, of course, you the Reader are using this website on a touch-screen, when you might not be able to 'hover' with the desired effect at all.

There are three clickable links for each entry:
The  links:
It is surrounded each end by two external Wikipedia link icons, . The first   is a Wikipedia link to the named Genus, whereas the second  is a Wikipedia link to the species itself.

But the main purpose of this menu page is to link to flowers on this (WildfLowerFinder) website, which can be done by clicking on the species name itself.

Notes on Wikipedia
Note that these links are automatically produced and hard-wired. They will not necessarily go to an existing Wikipedia page; it all depends upon a number of conditions being met. The first is that the Wikipedia page has actually been written yet. The second is that if it has been written, has it got the correct filename (the Genus and species names are somewhat volatile, being renamed by taxonomists from time to time). The species names here adhere to APG III (as far as can be ascertained) but those on Wikipedia may still be using an older name in APG II (until someone edits them) or they may be using the new APG IV names (who can possibly keep up with this?).

Wikipedia pages are under constant revision and new ones are being added all the time. Like this tome, Wikipedia is a work in progress. If a link to Wikipedia does not work just yet, it may in a year or three's time when the requested page has been written or edited. You, the reader, could write one for Wikipedia. If the reader cannot wait that long, he could always look at the Wiki Genus list (click on the LH  icon), and then click on one of the listed species in Wikipedia. He might also see that the species he wanted in Wikipedia is listed in red (Wikipedia page does not yet exist). Or he might not see the species he wants at all (Wikipedia doesn't even know of that species yet). You, the reader, could list it for Wikipedia. (Me?! Your Author is too busy writing this tome!).

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