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Rural Dorset is an amazing place for photography and I live close to some wonderful nature reserves. My husband Richard shares this hobby with me. I use a Canon EF100 f/2.8L macro lens with no other extras; all my photographs are taken hand-held.

nr. Lulworth, Dorset

I lived in Leeds and for 30 years or so spent a great deal of my spare time in the Lake District where I was a member of a large walking & climbing club. Most of my photos had to be taken on the hoof so landscape shots were my main subject although I have always had a leaning towards flower photography.

I was lucky enough to move to Dorset following early retirement. I live quite near the Butterfly Conservation HQ in Lulworth and joined the charity some 10 years ago. As well as doing quite a lot of manual work on the reserves during this time, I also do butterfly counts. On these walks, I will photograph anything & everything and my knowledge of the many species I see comes from books and the internet.