Family: Lichens [mostly Class: Lecanoramycetes]

Cladonia Usnea Xanthoria Stereocaulon

The Lichens in this section are all grouped together here under 'Lichens', but are also split up into several separate Families:

It should be noted that the Author has not used any chemical Lichen Spot Tests in the identification of any of these lichens, and has relied instead upon close visual inspection for identification. Thus it will never be possible to include all the lichens, since many are un-differentiatable without the use of the Lichen Spot Tests. Moreover, the Author is only including those lichens which he is reasonably sure he has correctly identified by visual means, which means that mostly the lichens included here are identifiable by visual means.

However, because of the lack of any Lichen Spot Tests (2), the correct identification of those lichens included here cannot be guaranteed. But they do look like them.


Cladonia portentosa) Photo: © RWD

Cladonia ciliata var tenuis) Photo: © RWD

Cladonia ciliata var tenuis) Photo: © RWD

Cladonia ciliata var tenuis) Photo: © RWD

Red Crest. (Cladonia cristatella) Photo: © RWD

Pixie Cups Lichen (Cladonia pyxidata) Photo: © RWD

[No common name] (Cladonia greyii) Photo: © RWD


Lichen (Usnea flammea) Photo: © RWD


Golden Shield Lichen (Xanthoria parietina) Photo: © RWD


Vesuvius Snow Lichen (Stereocaulon vesuvianum) Photo: © RWD

Family: Lichens [mostly Class: Lecanoramycetes]

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