Family: Meadow-Foam [Limnanthaceae]


The one and only member of the Meadow-Foam family is a short pretty plant of the same name, more often found in gardens than growing in the wild. There are, however, more than one species of Meadow-Foam flowers, such as White Meadow-Foam (Lemnanthes alba), Woolly Meadow-Foam (Lemnanthes floccosa) and Meadow-Foam (Lemnanthes douglasii) being the only species to grow in the wild in the UK. Another six species are listed; none grow wild in the UK, but all are likely garden plants.

[LIMNANTHES] Meadow-Foam

Meadow-Foam (Limnanthes douglasii) Photo: © RWD

Family: Meadow-Foam [Limnanthaceae]

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