Family: Thrift [Plumbaginaceae]



Sub-Family 1: [Plumbaginoideae]


[ARMERIA] Thrifts

Thrift. (Armeria maritima) Photo: © RWD

[LIMONIUM] Sea-lavenders

All species of Sea-lavenders possess one of two differing types of stigma: Cob with rounded papillae; or Papillate with prominent papillae.

They also all possess one of two types of pollen: coarsely reticulate and finely reticulate.

All four combinations of stigma and pollen are possible and it does not seem to be diagnostically useful in differentiating between species of Sea-lavender.

Wavyleaf Sea-Lavender (Limonium sinuatum) Photo: © RWD

Common Sea-Lavender (Limonium vulgare) Photo: © RWD

Western Sea-Lavender (Limonium britannicum ssp. celticum) Photo: © RWD

Lax-Flowered Sea-Lavender (Limonium humile) Photo: © RWD

Family: Thrift [Plumbaginaceae]

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