Endemic to the UK means that these plants are exclusive to the UK, and are not native to anywhere else in the World.

Most plants which are endemic to the UK are really rather rare even in the UK, and grow mostly only in specific areas. But there are a few plants listed here which are not rare at all in the UK, far from it, they are quite widespread, but they are nevertheless exclusive to the UK, growing nowhere else.

Many of the plants which are endemic to the UK are because they have developed here by crossing and backcrossing as part of a hybrid swarm, such as Sorbus Whitebeams, Eyebrights and some Brambles and even fewer Taraxacum (Dandelions) but not all plants which can so hybridise are endemic to the UK, some plants like Evening-primrose can do this wherever they are growing.

The entries also show whether it is actually also rare in the UK by means of [RRR] for very rare, [RR] for scarce and [R] for uncommon.

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