The plants listed in this category are all becoming, or have already become, an environmental problem, usually by out-competing neighbouring plants, or by spreading prolifically.

It is now illegal to plant some of the plants in this category (Japanese Knotweed [not yet linked to]) and Giant Hogweed are the only two currently in this category, but more are probably to follow).

Whilst with some others you have a legal responsibility to dig up and eliminate any out-breaks on your land (this applies especially to Ragwort [not yet linked to]).

Other plants may be problematic for reasons other than being invasive, for instance:

Common Ragwort [not yet linked to] is poisonous to livestock.

Bracken Spores can initiate cancer if breathed in.

Hogweed and Giant Hogweed can initiate photo-sensitivity if the sap gets on the skin and is thereafter exposed to sunlight. A large wheal can develop on the skin around where the exposure too place.

Other plants may be non-native to this country and present hazards to our native wild-life which have not gained any possible natural immunity from its effects (immunity is mainly obtained through natural selection - the poison killing those not immune to its effects leaving only those that are immune [if any!]).

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