The plants listed here are legally protected in the UK by laws, the breaking of which is a criminal offence. These plants are protected under schedule 8 of the Wildflower and Countryside Act.

To be honest, the ordinary person is un-likely to come across more than half a dozen of these plants if he doesn't specifically go out looking for them, knows where in the Country to look, in which habitats, and exactly when to look. There are some notable exceptions to the above, namely the (English) Bluebell, which is, (or was?), almost ubiquitous.

But if you do intentionally pick or destroy them or collect the seed from them, you may be liable to a fine of up to £5000.

[Whilst the author was transcribing the names of some of the plants on this list, he was thinking you have to be joking: Many of these plants aren't even listed in any of the two dozen Wild Flower books the author possesses].

NOTE : It is also illegal to uproot ANY plant (not just the protected ones listed), without the permission of the owner or the occupier of the land.

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