As far as the Author knows, it is not possible to search for all the triple hybrids on the BSBI site, mainly because their search does not seem to permit wildcard searches. However, by cunning, your Author devised a method of finding all the triple (and quadruple) hybrids on the BSBI site, which he shares with you here. Alas, this method cannot be applied in real-time, so the Author has produced this list from BSBI data current in March 2012. If the BSBI add or in any way edit their triple hybrids data in the future, then this will unfortunately not be reflected in the data presented here on this page.

A normal triple hybrid is shown thus:
A. chinensis × japonica × rosea

but one with an intermediate hybrid is shown as:
S. × multiflora × thunbergii
where S. × multiflora is itself a hybrid.

It appears that triple hybrids with intermediate hybrids can also be shown thus:
Lupinus × regalis × L. polyphyllus (Russel Lupin)
which is a hybrid of Lupinus polyphyllus (Garden Lupin) with the hybrid Lupinus × regalis.

Whereas a cross-hybrid between two plants in differing Genera is shown with a large and leading cross, as in:
X Gymnanacamptis anacamptis
which is a cross between Anacamptis pyramidalis (Pyramidal Orchid) and Gymnadenia conopsea) (one of the Fragrant-Orchids) [but this is not a triple hybrid, just a hybrid]. This example just goes to show that Genera are not totally distinct, and that many were derived from other Genera, some perhaps long since extinct. The whole of creation has been swapping genes between species, genera and families for millennia (probably not directly by sexual means, but via differing vectors, such as virii).

Hybrid More info
Astilbe x arendsii
(Red False-buck's-beard)
A. chinensis x japonica x rosea
Dianthus gratianopolitanus x caryophyllus x plumarius A hybrid Pink
Doronicum x excelsum D. columnae x pardalianches x plantagineum
A hybrid Leopard's-bane
Epilobium montanum x obscurum x parviflorum A Willowherb Hybrid
Epilobium montanum x parviflorum x roseum A Willowherb Hybrid
Euphrasia confusa x frigida x scottica A hybrid Eyebright
Lupinus x regalis x L. polyphyllus A hybrid Lupin
Mimulus cupreus x guttatus x luteus A hybrid Monkeyflower
Oenothera biennis x cambrica x glazioviana A hybrid Evening-primrose
Populus nigra x balsamifera x deltoides A hybrid Poplar Tree
Primula x murbeckii P. elatior x veris x vulgaris
Spiraea x arguta S. x multiflora x thunbergii
Symphytum asperum x officinale x tuberosum A Comfrey hybrid
Ulmus x hollandica
(Dutch Elm)
U. glabra x minor x plotii
Salix aurita x cinerea x phylicifolia A Willow hybrid
Salix caprea x myrsinifolia x phylicifolia S. x phylicioides nom. nud.
Salix cinerea x myrsinifolia x phylicifolia A Willow hybrid
Salix herbacea x myrsinifolia x phylicifolia A Willow hybrid
Salix myrsinifolia x phylicifolia x repens A Willow hybrid
Salix x angusensis S. viminalis x cinerea x repens
Salix x blyttiana S. myrsinifolia x phylicifolia x myrsinites
Salix x calodendron S. caprea x cinerea x viminalis
Salix x forbesiana S. cinerea x aurita x myrsinifolia
Salix x forbyana S. cinerea x purpurea x viminalis
Salix x saxetana S. aurita x myrsinifolia x phylicifolia
Salix x sesquitertia S. purpurea x aurita x phylicifolia
Salix x stipularis S. aurita x caprea x viminalis
Salix x taylorii S. purpurea x viminalis x caprea x cinerea


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